The following section describes the specific projects and property types qualified to participate in the SKG process. It also describes the loan structures provided by our International Lender Network.

Simply select a property type below to view the loan products available. If you do not see the financing type you require, or have a question about the products listed, please contact us. The descriptions below are intended to familiarize you with some of the more common financing products available within the market. Actual lender quotes will be transaction specific and asset dependent.

  • Real Estate both development
    and construction
  • Business Finance Office or
  • Export-Import
  • Receivables both discount and loans
  • Credit Enhancement
  • Financial Guarantees
  • Multi-Family
  • Industrial
  • Hotel and Motel
  • Mobile Home Park
  • Hard Money
  • International Debt Loan
  • Art Financing



We are able to assist you with your goods and debentures or kind of valuable assets . We contract out with local bank vaults for storage facilities, Clearstream and global note. Our efficient Safe keeping receipt on the top bank in London banks and Global Trust Depository in Swiss and European bank.

We have a complete business plan for your needs, contact our team now. Our SKR Trust receipt is usually a commitment  to ensure  your goods and your value in favor of the principal, our option of the bank deposit receipt, sometimes called as a certificate of custody, confirmed in the bank for safe custody of any material assets.

The bank may also confirm the presence of values by SWIFT 799, become banking tool for alternative financing of the projects as collateral. We can then issue a Safekeeping Receipt for that asset which can be used by the asset owner as proof of ownership and for the transferring title to that asset.

Safekeeping Receipts can be verified by private parties as well as banking institutions, but only with prior written consent from the asset owner. Global Trust Depository takes your goods protect offering a better warranty for your values.



Most high-return funds , however, do seek to mitigate against risk in one way or another, making consistency and stability of return, rather than magnitude, their key priority. (In fact, less than 5 percent of hedge funds are global macro funds). Event-driven strategies, for example, such as investing in distressed or special situations reduce risk by being uncorrelated to the markets. They may buy interest-paying bonds or trade claims of companies undergoing reorganization, bankruptcy, or some other corporate restructuring – counting on events specific to a company, rather than more random macro trends, to affect their investment.

 Due diligence is the key to this type of strategy, which Primestone Capital Management can deliver safety. This strategy delivers consistent returns with lower risk of loss. Long/short equity funds, while dependent on the direction of markets, hedge out some of this market risk through short positions that provide profits in a market downturn to offset losses made by the long positions. Market neutral equity funds which invest equally in long and short equity portfolios generally in the same sectors of the market, are not correlated to market movements. They tend not to add any value to the bottom line.



We primarily purchase Dore Bars for the purposes of refining. This is one of our core businesses. Though we have a stable supply of dore bars from proven suppliers, we enthusiastically receive invitations from legitimate suppliers who can ship dore to Hong Kong, CIF only. Offers which require “Advance Fees” or “Bank Guarantees” will not be considered. Do not contact us if your procedures require Advance Fees or Bank Guarantees.

Please contact us to inquire about our procedures if you can satisfy the above requirements. Furthermore, given our stable supply, we also welcome well funded legitimate buyers. We can offer Full Corporate Offers to serious buyers fitting our business model.